Bledlow Pre-School is a non- profit charitable organisation, which means that the parents are involved in the day to day running of the Pre-School. In comparison with private pre-schools or nurseries, we put all our money back into Pre-School. We currently have parents volunteering to do Pre-School accounts, support the staff, help with health and safety and organise our fundraising events.

Our Current Committee

Committee Chair : Sarah Metcalfe

Vice-Chair Felicity Blakeman

Treasurer: Hannah Kaursland

Secretary: Fiona Siddle

Safeguarding: Sarah Davison

Health and Safety: Rebecca Stride

HR & Recruitment Sue Davis


Bledlow Preschool,

Bledlow Village Hall,

Chinnor Road, Bledlow,

HP27 9QF


Tel : 07549935843 or 01844 347801