Bledlow Pre-School is a non- profit charitable organisation, which means that the parents are involved in the day to day running of the Pre-School. In comparison with private pre-schools or nurseries, we put all our money back into Pre-School.  We currently have parents volunteering to do Pre-School accounts, support the staff, help with health and safety and organise our fundraising events.

We are registered with, and regulated by, The Charity Commission.

Our registered charity number is 103558.

You can find further information about us, including our published accounts here

Our Current 2018/19 Committee

Committee Chair :          Sarah Metcalfe

Treasurer:                       Sue Davis

Secretary:                       Holly Overall

Safeguarding:                  Sarah Davison

HR & Recruitment            Sue Davis 

You can contact any of the Comittee via the Preschool telephone number or email to

Bledlow Preschool,

Bledlow Village Hall,

Chinnor Road, Bledlow,

HP27 9QF

Tel : 07549935843 or 01844 273588