Bledlow Preschool is a charitable, non-profit making organisation and is funded solely through fees and Nursery Education Grants. Unfortunately, fees and grants alone do not cover all of the costs that we incur in running our lovely Preschool. Therefore we hold a number of varied fundraising events over the year in order to raise money that goes towards running costs, the purchase of new equipment and improvements to the pre-school.All money raised goes directly back into our charity and it has meant that we can continue to keep the stock of toys, books and general equiment up-to-date, fund outings for our children and hold other events such as Leavers and Christmas parties. We can also maintain our outside areas.

Fundraising can help us to provide valuable resources to ensure we can offer our staff essential or necessary training which isn't always funded by the local council. It also allows us to fund extra staff hours for when we may need to provide important one-to-one time for any of our children who may need it for whatever reason.

So, fundraising is extremely important for the continued success of our Preschool and we are very grateful for the continued support of our Parents and all of the families involved in the Preschool .


If you would like to help or be a part of our Fundraising Team in any way or have any questions or queries relating to any of our fundraising campaigns, then please contact our Practice Manager Jess.

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